CLASS OF 2011 - Peta, Millie, Phoenix, Aria, Emily, Aiesha, Claudia, April P, April M, Jordan, Faith, Amy, Quinn, Tyler, Zane, Bailey, Ben, Codey, Clarke, Max, Sam, Steven, Hope

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our School Environment

We used the Yellow Thinking Hat to think of the Good Points about our school environment.
  • We take our rubbish home so there is no rubbish in our playground.
  • We have got lots of places to play - a sandpit, the igloo, the little adventure playground, the big adventure playground, the little field, the big field and the courts.
  • We have lots of big trees which are nice for the birds. They give us shade too. They make our school look awesome.
  • We have special places to store the bikes, scooters and skateboards.
  • We have the New Zealand flag flying.
  • We have lots of beautiful gardens.
  • We have drinking fountains.
  • We have art around our school to make it look interesting and pretty.
  • We have a worm farm so that we can recycle our food scraps.

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